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Enjoy the breath-taking views from our Hotel
Great panaromic mountain view makes the best place to admire nature.

Feel at home in the beautiful Villa Abela, on the small historical island of Syros, Greece.

Sea with a very beautiful view to the sea and Sunny Beach Resort.

Whether relaxing in the villa, or exploring the island, you'll be astounded by the beauty of the sites.

We offer a choice of comfortable rooms and great rates

We offer a choice of comfortable rooms and great rates. Rent a room or the entire Villa..

We offer a choice of comfortable rooms and great rates

Don't hesitate to contact us and reserve a room for you or your family soon!

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Welcome to the Villa!

The views from in and around the villa are unsurpassed. But, if you should decide to venture out you couldn't be closer to the beach.

Thirsty? Stop by the local taverna for a drink and some delicious eats.

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Syros is located in the Cyclades, in the Greek Aegean ocean. Its famous neighbors include Mykonos and Delos, but is rapidly becoming popular with tourists who appreciate its true Greek nature and diverse geography. Syros can be rocky and dry, similar to nearby Mykonos, which makes the sparkling blue aegean pop even more. Depending on the season, the hillsides can also be green with herbs, purple with flowering wild thyme, or yellow with flowering helichrysum. It is a favorite with wild-crafters and bees!